Resin laminated glass has new advantages and more development potentials.


Resin laminated glass has new advantages and more development potentials.

It is different from film laminated glass. It is filled with liquid acrylic resin, with hardened
bonding at normal temperature. It has rich colors and can be combined with other material.

It can be formed into any special shape! If necessary, please contact with us at any time!


Basic qualities laminated glass has excellent impact resistance performance, breakage resistance, shatterproof, and noise insulation.
Our Resin Laminated Glass (SSS) maintains this high level performance and, in addition, it has other various functions. We were designated as the first certificated factory for the JIS R 3205 method of Resin Laminated glass in Japan.

Unlike a traditional laminated glass, in which a film is sandwiched by glass sheets, and then heated and pressed for adhesion, SSS resin is characterized by excellent weather resistance, transparency and U-V blocking capability because it uses an acrylic resin, a material used for optic lenses.
In addition, SSS resin maintains its flexibility after it is hardened, and therefore suited for a combined use with other materials.

Variation of Resin Laminated glass

SSS LAMINATED GLASS can be made by different colors. If necessary, please contact with us at any time.

  • Glass with resin containing bubbles

  • Resin with multiple colors

Gold foil laminated glass

Gold foil is posted onto the glass, and etched as per the designed type. 3S resin is used to hold double glass together. We can mix pigment in the 3S resin to show different colors. Gold foil can be also replaced with silver foil or other material.

Example of delivery of resin laminated glass

  • Toyama station writing Wall
  • Saitou Buildng
  • Kagawa Prefectural Marugame High School
  • M House
  • Gallery room

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Shinko laminated glass


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