Insulated glass is inseparable for high-quality life.


Insulated glass is inseparable
for high-quality life.

It can create a comfortable space in summer and winter.
It can be also used in showrooms to make products more attractive.

It can be formed into any special shape! If necessary, please contact with us at any time!

Main purposes of insulated glass

  • Exterior glass
  • Refrigerated cabinet
  • Cabinet freezer

Features of Shinko insulated glass

  • Spacer exclusively used for double glass (more than three layers in special case) shall leave certain space filled with sealant around, and the inside air shall be kept dried.
  • The glass has air layer in between. It has better heat insulation effect than single-layer glass, and also has good sound absorption and insulation.
  • In cooling and heating supply environment, temperature difference between inside and outside is greater. The insulated glass can save more energy than single-layer glass, and reduce condensation. Besides common insulated glass, we mainly manufacture bent insulated glass with high finishing difficulty, especially square bent (curve with extremely small R) insulated glass, and the bent part is almost square with very aesthetic appearance.

Example of delivery of insulated glass

  • Ginza Feather Building
  • Toukyo International Airport passenger terminal building
  • Showcase
  • Showcase
  • Indoor window partition
  • Taisho Pharmaceutical

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