Sand blasting (diamond grain) method is used for the glass surface.


Do you want to draw pictures
on glass canvas?

Do you want to introduce soft light and artistry to life?
With etched glass of special material, create a new space...

It can be formed into any special shape! If necessary, please contact with us at any time!

Features of Shinko etched glass

  • Sand blasting (diamond grain) method is used for the glass surface.
    The surface finishing consists of non-transparent “total sand blasting” with uniform spraying, “fogged finishing” for one thin sprayed layer, and “etching” with various depths. Pictures, words, decorative patterns, marks and etc can be etched on the surface.
  • The changing depth can create shadow with ornamental value, attraction, and high artistic quality. In addition, the etched part is easily to be colored, enriching the interior decoration.
  • It can be widely applied to bent glass, insulated glass and laminated glass.

Example of delivery of etched glass

  • Bentglass(TheGreat Wave)
  • Screen
  • Wallart(Micropterus)
  • Plaques(Coelacanth)
  • Mirror(Vineplant)
  • Memorial plaques

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