It is curved glass with various aesthetic shapes.


With the aesthetic curved glass, the cold buildings can show vivid expressions.

Curved bent glass is attractive. It has various shapes and wide applications.

It can be formed into any special shape! If necessary, please contact with us at any time!

Main purposes of bent glass

  • Window
  • Showcase
  • Partition
  • Spiral staircase
  • Handrail
  • Front glass
  • Monument
  • Glass artwork

Features of Shinko bent glass

  • In finishing bent glass, the glass pane is placed on a shaped mould, and then putted into an electric or gas heating furnace to heat the glass to reach softening temperature (580~620℃). After softening, the glass pane is bent by gravity along the mould. After bending, stop heating, and make the glass cool down to eliminate distortion caused by heating.
  • Both heating and cooling time is ten minutes, and is gradual. Thus, the products are free of twist or residual stress, and the curved face can be cut.
  • Etching of bent glass, and finishing of insulated glass and laminated glass (different shapes may have limitations).
  • Our products have been used for many famous buildings throughout Japan. In addition, they are used for large showcases, front glass of vehicles of JR·privately-operated subway corporation, monuments and glass artworks.

Type of the shape

Example of delivery of bent glass

  • Shimoda villa
  • Futako Tamagawa Rise CS
  • Sightseeing boat
  • Toyama Prefectural Meeting Hall
  • Table

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